Hi! Great to meet you here. My name is Dinesh Tantri. I’m a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive & Team coach. Over the past 18 years, I have played a variety of leadership roles in the corporate world. From TCS & ThoughtWorks to Digithos & Microsoft, I have been fortunate to lead & learn in significantly different work cultures.

I love working with people and serving them in their journeys to fulfil their true potential. I help them acknowledge where they are, envision possibilities and map out a path to get there. I see myself as a choreographer of behavioural change. I might be of help if you fit into one of the following categories :

  • You are a HR leader looking for ways to improve leadership effectiveness in your organization. I will either use Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centric Coaching or design a custom coaching and/or training program for your organization.
  • You are a successful executive looking for coaching in your own personal capacity. Examples include, career transitions, co-founder conflicts, workplace politics, spirituality at work etc., I will work with you to design a custom program.
  • You are anyone who is looking for some fresh perspective and inspiration in life. Examples include, finding purpose and your Ikigai, mindfulness etc.,